Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Return from The Dark Forest

My exile from here was brief, but hopefully didn't go unnoticed. However, yesterday I finished the first draft of a what I hope will be a breakthrough project and can now resume my regularly scheduled blogging responsibilities.

The manuscript was something I started on a whim, less than a month ago. A dark, adventurous fairy-tale, it was one of those sparks that quickly engulfed my imagination. Through most of the story, I wrote feverishly. By the time I typed the last word yesterday afternoon, it had become 130 pages in length and nearly 40,000 words...a true novel...the first in what I envision as a four book arc.

Honestly, I'm excited to read through it. Typically I dread reading first drafts, but not this time. I know there's a lot of work and embellishing that needs to happen in the next stage, but that's okay. The foundation is solid. Decorating is the fun part, especially when I already pretty much know what color to paint the walls and where to place the furniture.


  1. How exciting for you, I like dark fairy tales.

  2. I may be behind but what age group is this new series for?


  3. I'd say 9-12.

    And you're not behind, I haven't talked much about this yet.