Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Exit Door

When writing a novel, somewhere near the last few chapters I begin to search the landscape for a path out of the world I've created. Between every paragraph in the final chapter, I'm looking for that exit door. The one that will take me to the proper conclusion. There are lots of ways out of the forest, but writing an ending is about choosing the right one, finding that last sentence that finishes the story the way you want it to end. I walked through one of those doors today and I like where it took me.


  1. Good news. The first and last paragraphs are usually what the reader remembers.

  2. Congrats, Brian. That last sentence is always a wonderful feeling. Until I go back and change it a million times.

  3. This was the revised last sentence...Much better than the first.

    And the first sentence is also great. Really got luck with this one.