Monday, November 15, 2010


The place I go to dream is the same place I go for stories. Writing after all isn't much more than organized daydreaming. Dreams have always played an important role in my writing process. There are many scenes in my novels that are basically dreams I had and adapted to the story.

Whenever I wake from a particularly vivid dream, I scramble in the dark for the pen and paper by my bed and scribble madly all that I can remember. Then I usually spend the next morning figuring out which pieces are usable for which projects. Last night was one of the rare cases when a dream offered me major breakthroughs on two separate projects I'm working on.

Next time I feel like a nap, I think I'll convince myself that I'm really working. I realized also that I can write remarkably well in the dark, wonder if that's a skill I could add to my resume?

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