Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Stray Pt. 1

It's not so bad out here. By myself. Looking out for myself, that's not so hard.

I got paws for catching mice. I can fight a rat if I have to. Add in the trash people toss away and there's plenty to eat. Heat from the subway vents is better than in most apartments, I bet. So who cares what those house cats think. I'm just fine here where I am.

Though it would be nice maybe. Curling up on a sofa. Maybe even a lap, but I'm not so sure about people. They kind of smell like salt and they don't clean themselves properly. Some of them even have dogs. I'll never understand that.

No. I'm just fine where I am. Strolling the streets. Prancing the parks. I've got it made. As made as any cat has ever had it made in the big city.


...I wonder what that lady is doing, holding food out in her hand.

'Walk away' I tell myself. There's no shame in being a snob. Not for a cat.


...she's still holding that piece of food out and now she's making weird noises. Does that mean she wants me to take it? Because I will. I'll take it. She'll never see it again, that's for sure.

Maybe a closer sniff, that's all. Then if she still wants to give it to me, I'll consider it. It does smell good. But what's with the petting. Why do they insist on the petting? Lucky for her the treat is tasty enough that I decide not to take a swipe at her hand with my claws.


What's she doing now? Why she picking me up?

You asked for it lady.


Hold on! I don't want to go into that box. Don't put me in here.

I can't get out. What's the big idea? Why isn't anybody stopping her, this is catnapping! I knew I should've let that treat go. I had a hunch it was a trick. This is how my cousin said he ended up in that kitchen Chinatown. Maybe I should've paid more attention to him when he went on and on about curiosity and the cat.

As soon as he opens this lid, I'm making a run for it.

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