Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Great Rabbit Wars Pt. 4

Intercepted Communication 004 (access 001 and 002 and 003)

Attempts to poison the food supply have backfired. The rabbits appear to have multiplied in size and have organized in a way we never anticipated. They seem to have borrowed from social insect classifications. We hope this means there is a definitive leader. Our only chance is to identify and assassinate...  


The population of human children has risen among their ranks. They've been promoted, many of them. We worry about what information they may be passing to the enemy. Therefore we've been forced to restructure own on forces, attempting to dislodge our society from any conceivable structure of logic... 


...retreated to a position deeper in the mountains. All cities have been abandoned.

(Tune in next Story Time Tuesday for the next installment)

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