Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Heights is in Stores Today

My new book The Heights came out today and since I was in the area, I stopped by the nearest Barnes & Nobel to make sure they had it.

At first I didn't find it and was ready to walk out grumbling to myself. I was on my way out and thought "This is crazy, how could they not have it." 

So I checked again, sure enough it was there on the New Release shelf, but on the bottom shelf in the corner where it could easily be missed. I put Operation Stealth into effect, switching my book with some useless looking fantasy title. 

Ahhhhh...front and center. Nice. 

Lest you think I'm narcisistic, let me assure that I'm a habitual shifter of displays for any product I like. I'm the king of that in record stores and book stores. A little gonzo marketing on my part.


  1. I'm 30-something pages in and it's absolutely incredible so far.

  2. The same thing happened to me! I checked both of the "New Release" tables, then I checked the section; I used to work there, and I still didn't think of the "New Release" bookshelf until I walked back to it after waiting for a bookseller to help me (to no avail).

    (this is Jasmine)

  3. I do that at bookstores too! When there is a book I think everyone should read and it's not out in an obvious spot, I put it in one. ha ha!!