Saturday, February 11, 2017

Weekend Music Roundup

Welcome to the weekend music review! I'm glad you stopped by to hear my ramblings about music I've been listening to over the week. This week features a lot of bands that were brand new to me before hearing what's included below. Two of the albums are from bands I've been following for years, but the rest were new. I love going into a week like this and not knowing what to expect. As probability would dictate, there were some duds, but there were a few that were enjoyable finds. Hopefully you will find something enjoyable on here. Enjoy.

Moon Duo - Occult Architecture, Vol. 1: I've been following this neo-psychedelic band from Portland for several years now and was looking forward to this new album. It's their most accessible album to date, refining their electronic elements and indie rock elements to flow together in the creation of entertaining and interesting space rock that doesn't resemble classic space rock of Floyd or Hawkwind.

Ordos - House of the Dead: It's been four years since the Swedish doom metal band's debut, but a follow-up was finally released this past month. I must admit to being attracted to this by the cover and my hunch was rewarded. It was a little touch and go as the first song is easily the worst, and the least representative of the album with its growling. After that, it is a groove heavy force of stoner rock. Not quite Orchid or Electric Wizard level, but close and certainly appealing to fans of those bands.

A Projection - Framework: The second album from the Swedish goth band was my biggest surprise of the week. I took a chance on this and was rewarded with a Sisters of Mercy type goth punk record that was enjoyable from start to finish. It's nothing groundbreaking in that it is a sound that has existed for decades, but one that hasn't been done well in a long time.

The Burned Witches - Recipeace: The debut album from the French stoner rock band is perhaps one of the albums that I've enjoyed the least in some time. While musically, it is certainly heavy and tight, but the vocals completely ruined this record for me. I simply don't understand singing in English if you can't speak English. The singer's accent is ridiculous. I actually had to turn this off about halfway through. Feel free to check them out, you may like it more than I.
Sic Alps - Long Way Around to a Shortcut: I've had this double LP for a few years, but never spent a lot of time listening to it until recently. This collects the San Fran lo-fi psychedelic band's early EPs and singles on one compilation. While the first side is consumed entirely of the noisey "Description of the Harbor", the album picks up on Side B and Side C with the band's typically great garage rock sound. Definitely one that's more for fans than anyone else, but fans will enjoy getting all of these rarities in one set.

Sisters Doll - All Dolled Up: The second album from the Australian hair metal revival band perfectly emulates the late 80's look and sound. Falling somewhere between Mötley Crüe and Bon Jovi, this is a pitch perfect replica of a bygone era. Because I enjoy that era, I found this a fun album and a pretty flawless example of the genre. However, because there is no nostalgia to the songs, it didn't have the same enjoyment as throwing on one of the classics. Still, a fun listen.

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  1. Brian James -- I first found your books as a teenager and thank gawd for that, right? Years later, I am in the MFA program at Ohio State and have found my way back to your books. I am very surprised to see you have a children's series. I really admire your writing career and decided I'd like to try and contact you. Why? I don't know. I think it's because you have the writing career I somewhat wish to emulate. If this sounds cool and not weird at all please feel free to e-mail me at

    I've been reading biographies about certain writers and apparently, writers used to send each other letters and talk about...well, writing. I'd like to get back to those days.