Friday, February 24, 2017

Traveling Through the Blank Pages of My Mind

I've haven't written about writing on here in some time. That's not because my interest in the subject has waned. It is simply morphing. I've been attending grad school for the past year, and my time for writing has been severely compromised by other responsibilities. Coupled with the fact that the last three novels that I spent so much time and energy on were unable to find a home, I've been feeling the need to rediscover my passion for the craft. 

In my mind, I know the type of stories I wish to create going forward. I see them every time I day dream. I breathe them in my imagination. But I must shape them more. I must find the right vehicle for delivering this piece of me into the world. So for now, rest assured that I've been traveling through the blank pages of my mind with a keen eye on the scenery. I promise that my return to the publishing world will be brilliant.

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