Friday, September 9, 2016

Fiction Friday (44)

Well, I'm continuing to try to achieve my goal of reading more this year. Actually, I have achieved it. Unfortunately most of what I've been reading has been journal articles and textbooks as I continue on my path to a Master's degree. But I'm still finding time to read fiction because I don't believe life without fiction is one worth living. As I finish up two weeks vacation from taking care of my wonderful daughter, I was able to read two books in that time. Which means, that's two weeks of Fiction Friday in a row, something that I'm not sure has ever happened in the history of this blog, though to be honest, I'm not about to go back and check the logs. It's simply not that important. What is important is reading. Enjoy. 

House of Many Ways by Diana Wynne Jones
(Greenwillow 2008)

This novel takes place in the same world as Howl's Moving Castle and features the return of Howl, Calcifer, and Sophie...along with their toddler son! But they are simply supporting characters in this story that a young girl named Charmain as she goes to look after her Great Uncle's mysterious house while he's getting cured by the elves for a strange illness.

Charmain is my kind of character, one who's self-centered and finds the actions of others to be annoying, just like me! She has great interactions with Peter, a boy who also comes to live in the strange house. While there, they discover that the house contains secret magical passageways that extend throughout the kingdom, which come in handy as they try to solve a series of peculiar events that all end up to be tied together.

For a fantasy novel, this one is heavy on character. The plot is basically a light mystery. It's not terribly complicated or in-depth and should be fine for upper middle grade readers. This was one of those books that I enjoyed, but didn't love. It was very satisfying and entertaining, just felt like it could've had more to it.

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