Sunday, August 14, 2016

Woodstock Weekend

This weekend marks the 47th anniversary of the original Woodstock '69 Music Festival. I live in the area, and therefore am inundated with the event's importance on an almost regular basis, but that doesn't diminish the concert's place in history. Any list of greatest moments in Rock n Roll would surely include this in the top ten. Listening to the local radio station's tribute to Woodstock the other day, I decided to spin one record from every band who appeared at Woodstock that is represented in my collection. Here's my Woodstock weekend:

It was a great way to spend this ridiculously HOT weekend and makes up for the fact that I had no time to review new music due to a beach vacation last week. Don't worry, the Roundup will return in a few days, until then, celebrate three groovy days of love and music with some amazing performers. 

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