Friday, August 5, 2016

Shame on You, America!

The other day, the New York Times released this video of supporters at Trump rallies across America during the course of his campaign of hate. It is a disgraceful display of ignorance, anger, and hatred that has no place in this country, let alone in our political dialogue.

By no means am I saying people need to back Hillary Clinton. I have my own issues with her, though I will vote her, even if only to keep that fascist out of the White House. However, there are other choices out there than voting for Trump. If you are thinking about voting for Trump, keep in mind that you will be aligning yourself with people like the ones in this video.

But even if he doesn't get elected, which I'm fairly confident that he won't, the cesspool of hatred that he has drudged up with continue to fester. His campaign has awakened a beast that will not be easily calmed. Even after he is defeated, there will be work for all of us to do in trying to enlighten our fellow Americans who are stuck in a backwards way of thinking.

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