Saturday, July 23, 2016

Weekend Music Roundup

Sorry about last weekend, that's if anyone actually noticed that last weekend the Roundup was missing in action. It was a crazy week, but I'm back, and so is the heat! As I write this, it's hovering around 2000ยบ F in here. To deal with the heat this week, I chose to listen mostly to metal, figuring it would help me release my anger at the weather. A few new discoveries here, which I always enjoy. I love finding new bands to dig into. Hopefully you do too. Enjoy. 

Castle - Welcome to the Graveyard: This is the fourth album from the San Fran metal band, but the first that I've encountered. This was pretty fantastic. The band is billed as stoner metal, but this is really thrash metal, and damned good thrash metal at that. At least the riffs fall under that category, vocally it's more doom metal. Either way, it rocks. Definitely worth checking out if you're into classic metal.

Bulbous Creation - You Won't Remember Dying: This is the only album from the late '60s early 70's heavy psych band from Kansas City and it wasn't officially released until 1994. This is one album that should get more exposure. "Hooked" and "Satan" are two of the best heavy psych tracks from that era and would certainly appeal to today's fans of the genre.

Orchid - Sign of the Witch: The San Fran metal band's most recent EP, released last year, is another wonderful example of Sabbath influenced doom metal. I fist encountered this band a few months back and have been determined to work my way through their limited catalog. Only four songs on here, which is the one drawback because I wish there were lots more, this is short but exceptional. 

Seels - A New Familiar Place: The San Diego indie rocker Mike Seely released his newest album back in January. There are some indie pop elements on here, but they are done in a way that simply serves to add melody to what are traditional indie rock tunes. There are also elements of electronic music. While it's not groundbreaking, it's certainly enjoyable and reminds me a bit of Trashmonk. This is that perfect kind of summer car album that has a sort of '90s vibe. Check out "Mexico", it's my favorite song.

Brand New - 3 Demos, Reworked: With the lack of new material released since 2009's Daisy, this EP feels a bit like filler, especially since these songs have been circulating for years. Still, it's nice to hear "Brother's Song" done with a full band, especially since it's one of their best songs. There's not a huge difference between the demos and new versions, except that the reworked versions are more produced and polished. Personally, I tend to prefer the bare demo versions. Hopefully this is a precursor to new material.

Bon Jovi - Bon Jovi: The 1984 debut from the Jersey heroes is their rawest, and perhaps their best. It opens with the phenomenal "Runaway" and includes many great tracks, if not any hits. This is more glam than their later radio rock, though it still has some of that blue collar Jersey attitude to it that keeps if from sounding like any of the west coast bands of the time. I found a near mint original promo copy of this on vinyl for $8 this past week and it was a steal.

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