Saturday, July 9, 2016

War in America

The events of the last few days are extremely disturbing and I honestly fear where they will lead us. It started with the despicable actions of a few police officers, who in my opinion should be arrested for murder. These actions set of a wave of anger through this country. It was the accumulation of decades of abuse by police who are now run like small armies. The unequal justice that the African American community faces is obscene, and thanks to modern technology, is visible for all to see.

The reaction to these events over the past two years, with the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement, has been a long time in coming. The response from the right has been predictable, and continues to feed into the racism that created the situation in the first place. 

Yesterday, the inevitable finally happened. All the pent up rage released itself in another terrible act of violence, this time the target being the police. What happens after this incident is crucial. Either we move as a nation to finally try to address and deal with this problem, or it ends up with open war on the streets. Unfortunately, I have little faith in the divisive political climate to do anything to calm the tension. In fact, they already seem to be inciting it. (I'm talking to you former Rep. Joe Walsh!)

What we have here is a powder keg...the challenge is to diffuse it before it blows. 

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