Saturday, May 28, 2016

The Rise of Ignorance

The other day, there was a parade of pick-up trucks that drove by, flying both American and Confederate flags in honor of a 16 year old who died in a car accident nearby. According to the mother, her son was "proud to be a redneck", a reference to a slogan on the bumper stickers of other local teens who fly Confederate flags. THIS IS IN UPSTATE NEW YORK, not even ten miles from Woodstock, a place that stands for the complete opposite of this attitude!

On some level, I can understand Southerners' attachment to the flag of their rebellion. I don't necessarily agree with their argument, but for better or worse, there is a heritage issue. There is no heritage defense in New York State. Up here, a Confederate flag is nothing but ignorance at best, and racism at worst. And the fact that people are proud of their ignorance is absurd. 

This is the whole Trump anti-PC argument. It's a celebration of ignorance and stupidity. I see it all around and I can't help but feel there is a large part of this country that is reverting to standards we abandoned decades ago in favor of progress and enlightenment. This anti-PC nonsense is simply a ploy to be able to say racist shit and not be called out for it. Disgusting.

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