Saturday, September 26, 2015

The Wasteland

As the new television season prepares to bombard the airwaves following the most recent Emmy awards, I figured it was time to make a confession. I've basically stopped watching television since my daughter was born back in May. It wasn't an ideological thing. Mostly it has been a result of not having time and realizing there are other things I'd rather do in the little free time I do have. 

I've never been the kind of writer who believes all television is evil. In fact, I find it quite inspiring and entertaining. This is why I'm rather surprised to find that I haven't missed it. Sure, there are a handful of shows that I wish I had time to catch up on. And yes, I will still make time for Game of Thrones when it returns. But overall, I haven't felt all that nostalgic for the tube. Perhaps there is some truth to the notion that one should throw away your television. 

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