Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Whistling in the Wind

Over the last few days, I've felt a burst of creative energy coinciding with the end of a sweltering heat wave. It's no surprise. My moods often match the weather. And with the cooling air blowing in, my imagination has cleared some of the dust that had been settling and I feel ready to tackle several projects at once. 

Most recently, I came across a project idea that I'd sketched out quite some time ago, as in three or more years ago. A comic strip panel of Charlie Brown that I'd seen sparked renewed interest in the character I'd set aside in a folder to be forgotten. When I opened it to see what it contained, I was surprised by how much I liked what I found. I instantly felt a desire to return to it, complete with fresh ideas and a new vision for what it could be. 

The lesson in all of this is that sometimes you have to know when to put an idea aside rather than force it to completion. There are times when you know you've come up with something compelling, but simply can't quite figure out what to do with it. But if it's truly as good as you expect, eventually it will come to you. It may be hours later, or it may be years...which is why a writer never throws anything away.

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