Saturday, March 9, 2013

Star Wars: The Clone Wars

With all the Star Wars chatter these days about new movies, it seems people have forgotten that there is currently a phenomenal Star Wars product on the market. Of course I'm referring to The Clone Wars animated series, which during it's several season run on Cartoon Network has continued to excel not only in its storytelling and character development, but also in offering fans the most in depth glimpse at the expanded universe. 

The season finale aired this past week and it answered one of the pressing questions raised by the series. Given that it takes place between Episode II and Episode III, there was always the question of what would happen to Asoka. She is Anakin's teenage padawan, and seeing as how she isn't in Episode III, there was going to need to be some sort of explanation. Over the past two seasons, this is the question that has kept plaguing me. What was going to happen to Asoka?

I finally got the answer in this season's wonderful three part concluding episode. Viewers learned the fate of Asoka, and not only was it masterfully handled, it also raised serious questions about the state of the Jedi Council in wartime. These episodes were really a turning point in the greater Star Wars story. There is a line spoken by a Jedi named Barriss where she accuses the Jedi of being a weapon for the Dark Side. I thought this was a brilliant speech, and an accurate one. With the Jedi Council caving to the demands of the Senate, led by the Emperor, they are essentially working for the Dark Side. I'd never thought about it that way, but now the truth is so obvious.

Another thing this episode achieved was to further set up Anakin's fall. I always knew that Asoka's fate would play into this arc, and was very pleased with the subtle, yet pivotal, role it will play in his growing rift with the Jedi Council. 

It's strange that there is all this speculation about the new Star Wars movies when most so-called fans are completely ignoring one of the franchise's best offerings. If you haven't watched The Clone Wars, do yourself a favor and start tuning in. 

May the force be with you...and with you Asoka Tano.

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