Thursday, February 14, 2013

Love Will Tear Us Apart Again

It seems only fitting that I finished the second draft of my new tragic love story on the day before Valentine's Day. The love story is really the heart and soul of this manuscript, and consequently, what happens to love when life gets in the way. 

The true idealists will always tell you that love is enough. Love conquers all. And though I wouldn't necessarily disagree with that philosophy, I think there is an implication hidden in there that somehow suggests that love is easy. The truth is that love is complicated and grows more complicated when the actions of those individuals involved don't necessarily mirror the choices of the other. True love involves a depth of selflessness that goes against our human nature.

I think one of the reasons teenage love is often portrayed so tragically is because it basically is. The chances of you staying with that first love for the rest of your life are very slim. So despite all the promises, the love will most likely end. But the beautiful thing about that first love is that it does last forever in many ways. You never completely forget that person. That is the type of relationship I attempted to bring to life in this story. Only time will tell if I succeeded.

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