Saturday, July 28, 2012

Feeling Awkward.

I have a confession to make...I really kind of like Awkward and like it a lot. Now it's been almost a decade since I thought MTV has done any worthwhile programming. Wonder Showzen is probably the last relevant production they put out. Since then, it's been reality trash and scripted disasters. So naturally, I ignored Awkward for the longest time. I'll be honest, I never even considered watching it and probably wouldn't have if the Missus hadn't suggested we give it a try.

Having watched most of the second season, I can officially say this is a really fun show. It definitely owes a lot to YA literature. There are of course elements of the show which bug me, from the point of view of a YA author. I sort of hate the "all-too-clever" dialogue and the endless attempts to coin new slang that nobody would ever say. Also, it seems far fetched the that incredibly cute girl would be the outcast, while the nasty, unattractive girl is supposed to be the most popular. But that's television, I suppose. 

If you were a fan of My So Called Life, this is definitely worth a shot. And if you're a fan of Awkward, then definitely get yourself caught up on My So Called Life

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