Monday, September 5, 2011

The Electricity Fairy Has Spread Her Wings

After a week of no electricity, I'm officially back on the grid. Sorry for the outage, but nature thought it best to cleanse the Catskills with flooding rains. I suffered through without too much trouble. I certainly caught up on some reading, averaging a book a day. It was like camping, only in the comfort of my own home.

It wasn't all terrible. I got some really exciting news last week about the most recent manuscript I've been babbling about that I'll share in a couple of weeks. (You can find the blog posts on that manuscript by clicking the 'Limbo' tag below.) But I'm really excited about it and I'm glad to say so are some other people who will help it come to life. Sometimes it takes a storm of some magnitude to wash in some new luck.

In other exciting news, my Thundercats Wilykit action figure arrived over the weekend. It's the first new addition to me expansive action figure collection in quite some time and I'm happy to say, it's pretty awesome.

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