Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Year of the Goat

This Is Albie and He Is Awesome.

As I mentioned the other day, I had a birthday last week. That of course makes me a Capricorn, as if it weren't already obvious. Though there's some funny things going on in the astrology of my birth date, I'm a goat at the core.

Signs have always played a part in my books. Catherine in The Heights was into astrology. Anytime I mention when a certain character's birthday, it's because I want the reader to connect them to their sign. It's something I often think through with characters. Partially because it was always an important signifier to me as a child. I didn't have religion, so these kind of things, along with making wishes, seemed meaningful. It's also been my experience that the majority of people behave according to their zodiac.

Naturally, I've always felt an affinity with goats. They seem to sense it to. I've never encountered a goat that didn't come right up to me and want me to pet it between the horns. So when I opened my birthday present last week, I was thrilled. The Missus had sponsored me a goat at the wonderful Woodstock Animal Sanctuary.

Above is the goat I now sponsor. His name is Albie. Albie is a sweet and remarkable goat according to the card. He was found in Prospect Park after he escaped an animal market. He lost a leg, but he's getting fitted for a fake one.

"This year-long sponsorship goes toward feeding dear Albie and keeping him safe, well cared for and loved. It also allows him to be an ambassador for other goats who need help in the world."

Capricorns...we stick together. I can't wait to see him in the spring and spoil him with treats.


  1. Are you near Woodstock then Brian, my spiritual home in 1969. Couldn't go but I saw the film about 10 times. Still do come to that!