Saturday, January 29, 2011

Picture That! Picture Book of the Week!

This week I was once again reminded of how diverse and interesting the world of picture books can be. Not that I ever really forgot, after all I wouldn't bother to do this post each week if I didn't love picture books. But this week I spent several quality hours with non-traditional picture books, that is to say, they were not storybooks, and was once again struck by the fact that there is often as much to learn in a picture book as a novel. This week's pick is a slice of life cartoon book that is furry bundle of funny. Enjoy.

Cats Are Weird by Jeffrey Brown
(Chronicle, 2010)

This comical study of cat behavior looks at the many remarkable qualities of feline nature. Staples of the animal's evolutionary oddities such as the inexplicable fear of the vacuum, the inability to sit without wandering in circles first, the impromptu sneak attack, and a cat's instinctive desire to prevent humans from accomplishing work at a desk are all covered here in hilarious detail.

Any cat owner will recognize the many instances that Jeffery Brown chooses to illustrate. The take on peculiar cat behavior is spot-on and the simple, expressive drawings capture the joy we find in observing such peculiarities. Told in one page cartoons, or two-page spreads, the panels tell a slice of life story in comic strip fashion. Readers of all ages will find some moment in these pages to laugh out loud.

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  1. Cats are endlessly fascinating. I had 9 at one time and a dog. Read Garfield every day. Looks good and a great format.