Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Doggie

Suddenly and without warning, I lost my cat of 10 years last night. I was completely unprepared and it left me devastated. All evening, she'd been very happy, playful, and her usual snuggly self. She was lying on the sofa with us, purring, when suddenly she passed. 

Her name was Doggie. She had a lot of peculiar habits, and anyone who met her probably thought she was the most unfriendly cat in the world. That's because she hated everybody except me and my wife, and us she adored with abundant affection. 

She was my best friend and I'm going to miss her terribly. 

She loved to climb into closets and sleep amongst the towels. She was a trouble maker :)

Doggie was the best snooze buddy ever.

Presents were her favorite...mostly for the boxes, wrapping paper, and ribbon.

She loved to be held like a teddy bear. She often woke me up so that I would let her under the covers and under my arm. She'd settle in for hours, purring away as if she were electrical.

Doggie could be very aggressive. She was brutal with her wasn't her fault, she just got a little bit over anxious sometimes.

She had the best stink of any animal I've ever encountered. 

She loved her canned food, which she only got every so often. She would follow me around the kitchen, screaming for at me and face rubbing the cabinet where her "fish dish" was kept. She did that last night too...thankfully, I caved and gave it to her. It was her last meal.

Over the years, I made up a bunch of songs that I used to sing about my Doggie. Perhaps my favorite was sung to the tune of "Tomorrow" from Annie:

"The Doggie, The Doggie! We Love Her, Our Doggie!"

Wherever she is, I'm sure she's raising ruckus. 

I miss you puppy.


  1. sad for you. i lost my dog over a year ago and still miss him. pets are so peculiar to their owners that when you lose one it's hard to feel ... understood ... (like, there's the unspoken assumption sometimes that you should just get over it or replace them immediately ...)urg. listen to music and eat nice food.

  2. thanks.

    a steady rotation of sad songs has brought me some comfort.

    still don't really have much of an appetite though.