Saturday, March 7, 2009

Weekend Music Roundup

This week's music finds ran the spectrum. I've been busy writing a children's novel that's part science fiction and part Victorian fantasy and in a funny way I think these selections show that. Music sets the atmosphere for me when I write. When I'm working on a project, I pick music that mentally fits the mood for where I want to be.

Earth: The Bees Made Honey in the Lion's Skull - Earth have been around forever. Dylan Carson is most famous for being the one who found Kurt's body. But somehow their drone rock never feels tired. Not as good as Earth 3, but still a great gloomy soundscape.

Tommy Jay's Tall Tales of Trauma - A lo-fi treasure from 1986, recently re-released. These are home recordings that capture the desolation of a Harrisburg winter.

Bersarin Quartet: German chamber/ambient music with classical roots. A very dramatic sound, not as dark as Wappenbund, but equally as good. 

The Alice Island Band: splendid isolation - folk album from 1974 (but originally written in late 60's). Has a just enough pysch-sound to keep it interesting.

Wale: Hate is the New Love - so, as you can tell, I've been into Wale. This 2007 mixtape is superior to Paint a Picture. The go-go beat continues and the head nodding never stops. Standout track: ADD Pt. 2

Dave Bixby: Ode to Quetzalcoatl - A little heard Psychedelic folk album from 1969. Depressing and uplifting at the same time.

 JR. and His Soulettes: Psychodelic Sounds - This week's kidcore find was recorded in 1970. The group is made up a boy and three girls and they can really get the funk on. Great musicianship.

Andre Nickatina: Daiquiri Factory Cocaine Raps Volume 2: Hip hop from 2000 but with a decidedly old school, Sugar Hill Gang feel to his flow. But the beats are more experimental in places, giving this a very interesting sound.

Night Shadow: The Square Root of Two - Psychedelic garage rock album from 1968. Reminds me a lot of 13th Floor Elevators.

 Boards of Canada: Music Has the Right to Children - This is the only album on the list that I didn't hear for the first time this week. I discovered this album back in the Fall and loved it. But I listened to it again this week after not hearing it in months and I loved it just as much. Simply put, it's the best turntable trance album I've ever heard. It's the sound of being a child on a summer day and diligently working on your coloring book. 


  1. Hi,

    I just wanted to thank you for your comment on my blog! I was truly surprised to see the author actually comment on my class assignment! May I ask how you found my blog? I truly did enjoy your book!

    Christina aka Barefoot Librarian

  2. hello - have found you here now - I have to say that I love the covers of your last two books ... and thankyou for the music recs, anything weirdfolk floats my boat.