Saturday, November 25, 2017

Weekend Music Roundup

The holiday weekend marches on, the weekend that began two days ago for most of you. After the blockbuster new releases that made up last week's Roundup, this week is also made up of new releases from bands that I've followed for a long time, though less blockbustery. I was really pleased with these albums, most exceeded my expectations. There's a nice mix of varying rock here, so hopefully you'll all find something to listen to out of this offering. Enjoy.

Buffalo Killers - Alive and Well in Ohio: Eleven years after their debut the Cincinnati band release their sixth studio album (which this is, despite the title that would suggest it's a live album). This has always been a throwback band, bringing a classic rock sound that is authentic and engaging. They channel their John Lennon on this album as many of songs fit the type of groove he went for on his solo records. This is my favorite of their albums thus far, and I've been following them since the beginning.

Nik Turner - Life in Space: The former Hawkwind frontman continues his space odyssey on his new album, released at the end of September. His last three records, released over the past four years, have revived the legendary Space Rock sound that Hawkwind trademarked back in the '70s. It's a guitar filled soundscape that tours through the regions of the mind's outerspace. "Why Are You?," "Back to Earth," and "End of the World" are standouts on this groove fest. 

The Horrors - V: The London neo-psych band's fifth album, not so cleverly titled V, is their first in three years. They don't stray far from the sound they worked to develop for the last record, a sort of psychedelic version of shoegaze. The result is that music that can sometimes lean toward the boring is kept interesting. They also throw in enough elements of their earlier punk style, albeit updated with an 80's vibe, to make the album flow. "Pres Enter to Exit" "Machine," and "World Below" were standouts for me.

Stars - There Is No Love in Fluorescent Light: The Montreal indie pop band's first album in three years is the first of theirs that I've checked out since 2010's The Five Ghosts. I was pretty into this band during the last decade but got kind bored, I guess. This album reminded me why I was into them to begin with. They embrace their pop and disco sound, much like St. Etienne, and don't try to disguise it as artrock the way fellow Canadians Arcade Fire have done. "Privilege," "Alone," "The Gift of Love," and "California, I Love That Name" are my personal favorites on this enjoyable album.

Carved in Bone - Higher Consciousness: The second album from the Spokan WA metal band is heavy sludge metal that is is one riff after another that pounds out of the speakers. It holds some similarities with fellow Pacific Northwest band Earth with their instrumental soundscapes. It can get a little repetitive but that speaks a little to my patience with instrumental drone metal. "Mountains of God," and "Against the Grain" were my personal favorites. 

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