Saturday, September 9, 2017

Weekend Music Roundup

Time once again to celebrate the week that was in my music listening. This was one of those weeks of exceptional albums, some of which were new discoveries, others were albums that exceeded expectations, and another was just something that was a surprise release. Mostly straight up rock on this list, with a few minor exceptions. Hopefully you'll find something on here to check out. Enjoy.

Brand New - Science Fiction: The rock band's fifth album is their first release in eight years and it's the album I've always been waiting for from them. While their last two records were both fine albums, both had moments that didn't appeal to me. This one is a complete album that showcases what the band does best, which is moody post-hardcore rock. There isn't a weak song on this album, making it their best since the demos for The Devil and God... and one of the most solid albums of the year so far.

Jamie Aaron Aux - Close the Circle: The Seattle singer/songwriter's third album was released in June and it's pretty awesome. This eerie psych folk record reminds me of some of my favorite work by Lightning Dust and Warpaint. Perfect for late night or early pre-dawn alone listening to create a wonderful moody experience. "Optiks," "Black Tourmaline," "Fake Gold" and "Sights in Overdrive" are among my favorites.

Mozzy - 1 Up Top Ahk: Though this Cali rapper has been incredibly active over the past three years, releasing a ton material, this was my first encounter with his work, but certainly won't be my last. The beets are exceptional and his flow is hypnotic. He reminds me a bit of 2Chainz, but seems to take his craft much more serious. There tales of criminal activity, but tales that feel genuine, and by that, I mean believable. He doesn't try to sell himself as something he isn't, a mistake too many hip hop artists make. He's not trying build himself into a legend, he's telling his story and it's up to you to decide whether it's legendary.

Ty Segall - Fried Shallots: The ever-prolific Ty continues his quest to be the most prolific artist around with this new EP that came out at the end of July. It's his signature fuzzed out sound, a little more fuzzed out than some of his more recent full-length albums, but no less fantastic. "When the Gulls Turn to Ravens," "Another Hustle," and "Is It Real" are standouts on this nice addition to his growing catalog.

Metallica - Self-Destruct: The 10th true studio album from the iconic thrash metal band was released late last year to pretty positive reviews as it sees a return to form from some recently poorly reviewed albums. This is the "Metallica" sound through and through, and in fact, there are moments throughout the album where you can almost hear parts of other songs coming through. It's not easy for a rock band, let alone a metal band, to remain relevant thirty years into their career, but this album manages to that. Certainly not on the same level as their 80's catalog, but can stand alongside their 90's catalog just fine. At times it almost feels like they are trying too hard, and perhaps there was no need to make this a double album. "Now that We're Dead," "Moth into the Flame," and "Am I Savage" were standouts for me.

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