Friday, April 14, 2017

Fiction Friday (51)

So, this isn't really a true Fiction Friday in the sense that I have not furthered my reading goals. But it is a Fiction Friday in that I'm going to discuss a work of fiction. While looking on my office shelves the other night for a new book to read with my daughter as I tried to convince her to eat her dinner, I came across The Foot Book by Dr. Seuss, nestled between a handful of Seussian classics which are still a little too advanced for her. But The Foot Book, that's perfect! 

My daughter loves feet.
She loves silly pictures.
She loves rhyming words.

I pulled it off the shelf and it has been an instant hit. We've read it multiple times and she especially loves lifting her feet in the air during the "In the Air" feet page. 

I was a little unfamiliar with this book before our reading. Sure, I'd read it, but not for years, and not from a more mature point of view. And though I'm a huge Seuss fan, this book highlighted an aspect of his work that I hadn't thought about before. In addition to his gift for rhyme and imaginative stories, he's also a master of nonsense in the tradition of Edward Lear. This book demonstrates that gift particularly well.

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