Thursday, March 3, 2016

The United Hates of America

Despite the fact that the political rhetoric in this country from both sides has tried for the better part of two decades to paint a picture of impeding doom if the other side were to take control, it was usually just bluster. However, the same rhetoric may in fact be true this election cycle. This is shaping up to perhaps be the most crucial election in the history of America. The reason I say this is because of the front runner of the Republican primaries. Though I've ceased to be amazed by the demagoguery spewing from his orange face, I continue to be surprised by the behavior on display at his political rallies, which are beginning to look more and more like those in Nazi Germany. And like Nazi Germany, his supporters are made up of ONE race. Donald Trump is rallying angry, ignorant white voters in a frightening way, appealing to their hatred and somehow convincing them that the progressive moves we've made as a nation away from such hatred is simply "political correctness." 

If elected, there is no way a President Trump, an unabashed bully, is going to listen to Congress. There is no reason to suggest he'd even obey the Constitutional law. This is a man who believes he is greater than any law as he sits above the rest of us in his golden tower (literally). Thankfully, I still have faith that the American people as a whole are smarter than the voters in the primaries have been, because I fear for a nation under the authority of a such a hateful megalomaniac. More than ever, we need God to bless America and rid of us the poison he spouts.

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