Sunday, November 15, 2015

Weekend Music Roundup

This was one of those weeks where I found an album that I didn't know existed and it totally blew me away. I love those weeks. Of course, it's an album I probably should've known about, so I'm not sure it truly counts as one of the epiphany discovers of my lifetime, but I'll still rave about it anyway. Other than that, it was another week of trolling through Bandcamp to find new and interesting things to listen to while writing. In that regards, it was a smashing success. Definitely a week of gloomy albums, which matches the mood of my story, and the weather. Music should always match the weather. Hopefully you've been looking for a downer. Enjoy.

Blood Warrior - Letter Ghost: The Portland based dark folk band's haunting second album was released last spring and I can't believe I've waited so long to get my hands on it. It's a side project from O'Death singer Greg Jamie, and pick up where that band's last two wonderful albums have left off. One of my favorites of the year without a doubt. You can listen to it, and buy it, on their Bandcamp site.  "All Your Thoughts," "You Were," and "Untitled" are standouts on a pretty much flawless album.

Blank Realm - Illeagals in Heaven: The newest album from the prolific psych band from Down Under has a throwback feel, but not a clearly defined one. Borrowing from '60s Velvet Underground and '70s Television, along with late '80s and early '90's indie, they create a familiar sound that still manages to feel new in a way that MGMT felt to me once. "Gold," "Dream Date," and "Flowers in Mind" are my personal favorites.

Mad Masks - Mad Masks: The debut album from the French darkwave duo is a wonderful gothic ambient soundscape. Like the soundtrack to a pleasantly bad dream, it is eerie and disturbing, but subtly so. This is the kind of album that I find so conducive to writing because it creates a mood without interfering with my concentration. It certainly fit the scene I was working on when I listened to it the first time, and I will return to it again when I need the sort of edge that exists within it's notes. Check them out on their Bandcamp site and give it a listen, it's interesting stuff.

Goblin Hovel - Loveless, Loreless, Lost: The newest release from my favorite band discovery of last year is their longest album to date, and also includes a few bonus versions of select songs that were actually recorded three years ago. Their dark folk sound has been instrumental in the rewrites of my new goblin novel, creating the kind of eerie sound that I'm trying to capture in my writing. Blending Celtic folk with folk metal, they create a dark atmosphere that is at once pleasant and spooky. "Straw Bones," "With Your Shield (Or On It)," and "Garden Haunt" are my personal favorites. 

Okkervil River - Black Sheep Boy Early Drafts: An archival live collection of early drafts of songs from the indie folk band's landmark 2005 album was a welcome treat this week. For over a decade the Austin band has been one of my favorites, and this is one their best albums. These intimate recordings, which include intermittent private self-recording ramblings that capture moments on the road give incredible insight to the inner workings of a young band trying to find their place in the world. The beautiful acoustic versions of the songs serve as a soundtrack of artists pursuing the truth that is in their hearts. A must have for fans of the band.

Linosphere - Digit Illusion: Another Bandcamp find, this experimental album of improvised jazz that feels like electronic ambient. Though they are from L.A. this has a decidedly European feel, at least it gives me the impression of late night drives through foreign cities in the back of reckless taxi without any idea where it is taking you. There's an old school feel to the horns, a kind of classic jazz sound that blends great with the modern percussion. One of the more interesting jazz albums I've heard in a long time. Check out "Only" and the dynamic "He Blew a Fuse."

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