Saturday, January 3, 2015

Another New Year....

Another year has passed us by and another has just begun. Frequent readers of this blog, or my novels, know by now that I have a number of odd superstitions that I obey. One such habit is that of saying rabbits. The superstition centers around the first day of the month, and on that day, the first words one speaks aloud should be "rabbit, rabbit" which will bring you good luck for the entire month. 

The earliest record of this superstition dates back to the late 1800's in England where children, to the bewilderment of parents, started shouting rabbit, rabbit up the chimney. As best as anyone can figure, it was something invented by children, which of course makes me believe there is some magic to it, and that of course it must work. 

I modified the tradition slightly back in 2005, when I remembered to say rabbit, rabbit on January 1st. It was only the second time I ever remembered to do it and I figured if it was done on the first of the year, surely it would bring good luck for the whole year rather than just the month. So now, that is the only time I try to remember to do it. 

I succeeded again at the turn of 2013, and then again this past week when I sat up in bad at three in the morning and spoke, rabbit rabbit. So needless to say, I'm hopeful for a lot of luck this year, brought on by the power of childhood imagination and timekeeper rabbits. I'm wishing all of you the best of luck as well.

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