Thursday, November 13, 2014

Watch and Wait

Sometimes being too busy to write is the best thing that can happen during the process of writing a manuscript. Over the past few days, I'd only had sparse moments to sit down and write, but I've had lots of time for contemplation. Having reached a crucial scene, one where I didn't exactly know what I wanted to happen, the lack of time became a blessing. 

If I sat in front of my computer, chances are I would've felt pressured to come up with something ...anything. I would've plowed ahead simply to get words on the page. And if I couldn't figure out what should happen in the scene, I may have decided to defer the scene to a later spot in the story, even though I knew this is where it belonged. But with time to mull over the situation, I finally figured out the perfect way to choreograph the scene the way I wanted it.

Patience is an important trait that every writer must learn...and one that must continually be learned because it is rarely mastered.

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  1. I hear you on this one, and it happens to me a lot. I think of it as layers. I suddenly find that one deeper layer that makes it all work. However, on the down side (and something that's been a real financial problem of late), is that I sometimes work to slow. Hard to pay the bills as an ideological purist, if you know what I mean. Struggling to find that balance.