Friday, June 13, 2014

Friday the 13th Once Again...

The day of fear has come once more. A fluke of the calendar with no meaning other than a superstitious belief that terrifying things can happen when numbers and days align. It's time once again to lock your doors, stay inside, and imagine creatures of all kinds crawling in the shrubs outside of your house, because the interesting thing about Friday the 13th is that the myth that surrounds it is the very thing that achieves the desired effect. Though nothing may happen to you, the mention of the date flickers in the mind and causes you to ponder your fears, even if only for a passing second.

Over the past six months or so, I've become fascinated with Slender Man, the internet created paranormal being that lurks in the shadows, stalking his victims before torturing them in unspeakable ways. Of course, the recent news stories have propelled Slender Man into the spotlight, a place that I don't believe appeals to his nature. Who knows how he is likely react...perhaps he'll retreat back to wherever he came from, or maybe he'll go on a rampage, killing innocents by the dozens? 

Slender Man is the kind of horror one might imagine when alone among tall trees. Every little noise might inspire you to turn around as your heart skips a beat, expecting to find the unnaturally tall, thin man standing there, barely illuminated in the moonlight. His attachment to children, and the currently documented attachment he seems to have on their imagination, makes him all the more sinister. There is a part of me that believes that he will show today. If there were any day that seemed ripe for his announcement to the world, it's a dreary Friday the 13th. 

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