Thursday, October 3, 2013

Revolution Fallout

I watched the first two episodes of Revolution season 2 last night, and I couldn't believe how dark the story has turned. I'm not complaining. The show should be dark, and the situations should be grim, especially after how last season ended. I'm just kind of surprised, especially with the show moving to the 8pm slot. There were moments in these episodes when it was stressful viewing. I have to say, I'm very much looking forward to several months of this.

While last season took Star Wars as its major story inspiration, nodding to it in the first episode with the lunchbox, it would appear this season's influence is Fallout 3. There were so many references, especially in the different fractions popping up. From the warlords to the new U.S. government, the way the groups are defined by uniform and purpose felt so much like the groups in Fallout. And just as in the first season, there came the direct reference, as seen in the photo above. 

As for the episodes themselves, I felt they were very satisfying. The first episode was a unnecessarily choppy, doing a bit too much jumping around to fill in the blanks of the six months between last season and this one. But by the second episode, things were back in full swing. Each character seems to have an intriguing purpose and sustainable storyline. And just as with the The Walking Dead after its first season, the characters are more defined, giving their stories more depth. Currently one of the only high-concepts shows on prime time, Revolution has a chance to become the best show on television. Let's hope it does. 

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