Sunday, September 30, 2012

Gone But Not Forgetton

Last week, my father passed away unexpectedly and I took some time away to be with my family. At some point in life, you always expect that one day you'll have to deal with the loss of a parent, yet you are never truly prepared. It's hard to accept the idea that one of the people who you always turned to in a time of need is no longer there. I miss him greatly, and expect to miss him even more in ways I cannot even imagine. 

My dad was my biggest fan. He almost always carried around bags of my Pirate School and CatKid books to hand out to children. He was a generous and loving man, may he rest in peace.


  1. Your dad sounds wonderfully sweet, Brian. I hope you get some nice visits from him in your dreams.

  2. Your mother and I never went on vacation without your father giving me books to give to children. I can vouch for the fact he truely was your number one fan. We loved him Brian, and sadly miss him. Love, Aunt Deb