Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Books (No Electricity Required)

The winds blew in violently from the west after an unnaturally warm end to the week last week. On Saturday, powerlines that typically cross the line of sight outside my front window were suddenly strung across the ground, leaving my house and all of the homes nearby without electricity for the weekend. Incidentally, this is the reason for the lack of a Weekend Music Roundup in case anyone was wondering.

With the fireplace going, I was able to keep it slightly above freezing indoors where I spent the weekend curled under several blankets and read four books. It was refreshing and rejuvenating. In college, it is how I spent most weekends trying to get through my assigned reading as well as the books I wanted to read on my own. I still read every day, but it would be nice to spend more time each day doing so. It's a funny thing when the power goes out. It makes one realize how reliant we are on it and everything it gives. There's a moment of utter freak out when it turns off. But then, once it comes back, there also needs to be moment where we realize all it takes away from us.


  1. I had my electricity out the other weekend and you really realise how dependent we have become. I always say I should find more time for reading but the computer is like a magnet - have I got another email!!

  2. Yes, the computer has far surpassed the television as the greatest distraction of our time.

  3. Brain if you haven't read Matched yet you should. Ally Condie has really hit the nail on the head with our dependency on technology and in a scary kind of way. Can you imagine a world where books are only in museums and no one writes by hand anymore?