Sunday, December 20, 2009

Weekend Music Roundup

So I lied...I'm doing one more of these before my year end list. Mostly because I don't have the time or energy to do the year end list it's full justice today (though it's ready to go, just deciding on 50 or 25.) Plus, I've been listening to a ton of music in the past two weeks and wanted give some recognition to the more interesting listens. But I've decided not to include anything on here that will likely be on the year's best lists...which means most of this is old. But oldies are goodies, don't you know.

Dinah Washington - Wise Woman Blues: I found this collection at the local vinyl shop and was curious. I know mostly Dinah in her prime, and wanted to hear some 'rare and early' as the cover promised. This was really good fusion of an amazing voice backed by big band jazz. I love that that kind of stuff. 

Herb Alpert's Tijuana Brass - Whipped Cream and Other Delights: I don't if I was just in the mood for this kind of easy listening pop jazz or what, but I put this vinyl on one evening and was feeling it. In a more sober mood, who knows?

Admiral James T. - I Did It Your Way!: This missus really dug on this about a year ago and I heard it in passing and liked it, but until we got our hardrive in order, I'd forgotten to nab this one to enjoy it properly. Swiss garage rock that swings. Reminds me of early Makers. Really good album if you're into the revival. 

Alasdair Roberts - The Wyrd Meme: This ep doesn't stray at all from the style of Alasdair's full length Spoils from earlier this year. Scottish folk songs like fairy tales for music loving adults. Equally as good as Spoils. After a few dull albums, Alasdair is back on track.

The Marty Gold Children's Chorus - Songs from How the Grinch Stole Christmas: I still have my vinyl of this from when I was a very little kid. I pulled it out the other day, given the season. Scratched all the way through, but still plays nicely. "Welcome Christmas" is the only Christmas song I truly love as a song and this version of "You're a Mean One" is also great.

Sufjan Stevens - Illinoise: One of the most celebrated albums of 2005, I had heard this in 2005 and liked it a lot. A friend actually burned me a copy of it on a snowy day in 2005, but when I got it home to put it on, it didn't play. My disappointment kept from pursuing it again until recently. Really outstanding singer/songwriter album in the style of a mellow Andrew Bird. 

Material - Intonarumori: Experimental hip-hop ala 1999, I got this mainly for the only officially released track by Nature Boy Jim Kelly track (which is pure dopeness). But the album was much more than just that. It's reminds me a lot of the kind of trip-hop Mowax label was putting out in late 90's. Really otherwordly ambient beats with fresh rhyme on top. Very decent album. 

Country Joe & the Fish - Together: My Country Joe vinyl collection is getting pretty good, with this, I now have the first 3 albums on vinyl. Together is another amazing record that sees the band moving a little past the San Fran psychedelic sound into something like angry acid rock. There's some moments on the second side of the record that move into early punk...and we're talking '68. Amazing.

Alice Cooper - Billion Dollar Babies: Followers will recognize my early Cooper obsession of late, this being the third of his albums to be on here in the last few months. But this might be my favorite so far. It moves through so many different styles to create a complete heavy glam masterpiece. 

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