Sunday, November 15, 2009

Small Miracles

Friday, I woke up to the unthinkable.

I looked in the fridge only to find I WAS OUT OF DONUTS!

The entire morning was lost to unproductiveness as all I could do was lament the cruelty of the universe at leaving me in such a horrible predicament

I moped through Saturday morning as well. But shortly after midnight last night, a stop was made at a gas station for gas, milk, and pepsi. As I stepped in, the florescent lights beckoned me to the neon Dunkin Donuts cabinet. How could I resist?

I neatly packed three scrumpcious, yummy chocolate delights into a box and went to pay for them along with the other necessities. When I notice the cashier hadn't rung them up, I reminded him that there were three donuts in the box.

"Oh, don't worry about it. Gonna make more soon anyway."

Free donuts? Free donuts!

"Keep cool," I told myself. "Don't freak out or he might make you pay for them after all."

I held my composure all the way into the car, at which I point I let out a joyous "FREE DONUTS!" As we drove away into the rain and fog, I couldn't help but think my luck was taking a turn for the better.

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  1. ha! love the donut post and pic! those are my fave too. the chocolate topped ones.