Tuesday, October 6, 2009

It's a Mad World

Today is Mad Hatter Day, so designated because of the 10/6 featured on his hat. The Mad Hatter in the book represents all of those strange social rules that adults inflict on children, who rightly see them as crazy. So, today is a day when we can call out all the craziness that we pretend is sane on every other day of the year. 

For example, the Republican Party. They have a seat at the table and they talk and talk and we respectfully listen, but deep down, let's all face it, they are bat shit crazy. On second thought, add the whole political system to that. Or our silly economic system of buying and selling things nobody needs. In fact, there's no shortage of things to celebrate on this day. So kick off your heels and have fun telling that crazy old lady on line in front of you that it is NOT normal to take a half an hour to buy two things. 

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